The Via Francigena in France

VFF20 - From Reims to Verzy

After an inevitable passage to the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Via Francigena drives the walker across the vineyards of Champagne and Montagne de Reims park towards the strange Faux de Verzy.

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VFF32 - From Dolancourt to Baroville

During this stage, a stop in Bar-sur-Aube is a must. At the crossroads of North and South, the city took a strategic importance and location for trade during the period of the Counts of Champagne.

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VFF33 - From Baroville to Orges

It was in 1115, on the borders between Champagne and Burgundy, that the future Bernard of Clairvaux, accompanied by 12 monks from Citeaux, came to open up a forest clearing in the Val d'Absinthe.

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VFF34 - From Orges to Richebourg

During this stage, the Via Francigena crosses the city of Chateauvillain. Its image is often associated with the 272 hectare park where many fallow deers live, which makes the walkers happy.

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VFF35 - From Richebourg to Faverolles

Crossing the deep forests of Haute-Marne, the Via Francigena passes through the village of Mormant and near an old main crossroads of Roman roads whose remains can still be seen near a mausoleum.

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The view from the town of Langres

VFF37 - From Langres to Culmont-Chalindrey

This stage is an opportunity to discover another facet of the Langres plateau. Marking the limit between Champagne and Burgundy, this limestone plateau has an important karstic network from which many rivers have their source.

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