Travelling on Francigena Way

Walking or cycling? On horseback or with public transportation? Via Francigena is a wonderful route, a world heritage to be discovered in many ways. You can start by walking a whole day, going back to the starting point by train, continue with a weekend by bicycle, sleeping in an ancient hospital, or make your children happy with a brief stroll with donkeys. And in the meantime planning a long travel, in the footsteps of ancient pilgrims.

What matters is taking the first step, the most difficult one. Buon cammino! 

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The heart of Tuscan Via Francigena

A walk in the heart of Via Francigena, along an itinerary that combines better-known villages, such as Siena and San Gimignano, with beautiful hamlets such as San Miniato, allowing you to discover the very best of the Tuscan Via Francigena in a single travel.