Where to sleep along Via Francigena

Along the path of the Via Francigena it is possible to find both “pilgrim accommodation” at low rate or accepting a donation (religious accommodation, hostels, guest houses) and “tourist accommodation”.


“Via Francigena friendly” accommodation

The “Via Francigena friendly” accommodations are hotels, B&Bs, agritourism, which can be found within 1 km max from the path. They allow to overnigh just for one night, they generally apply convenient rates for pilgrims with credential and provide very useful services for ramblers.

The lists are provided by EAVF’s regional partners.

Download the lists in PDF format:


Accommodations that support the official website of the Via Francigena

This section gathers both low cost accommodations for pilgrims (religious accommodation, hostels, guest houses), and tourist accommodations (hotels, B&Bs, agritourisms, etc.) which support the official Via Francigena website. Information about this accommodation are featured with pictures and are available on the interactive maps of the route. 

Download the lists in PDF format:


Have a look at the detailed catalogues:

tutte le strutture Via Francigena
tutte le strutture Via Francigena


Accomodation characteristics

The organization of reception facilities along the Via Francigena is not widespread and economic as on the Camino de Santiago. Even if the situation continues to improve, it is good to plan ahead, identifying at every stage an adequate accommodation to their needs.

Keep in mind that often the places of welcome have a few beds. We suggest you to book at the tourist facilities, while it is not necessary for the "pilgrims". However, you should notify at least one day before, specifying the arrival time, because often the custodians of the hostels do not live in close proximity and without warning you may risk find enclosed rooms.

The average price for a night in one of the refuges for pilgrims is hardly ever more than 20 Euro (minimum 10, maximum even 25 euro for the more “touristy” hostels), but there are facilities (above all religious ones) who provide accommodation on an “offer” basis. 

There are also lists of the Via Francigena facilities from Rome to Brindisi:

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