Travelling on Francigena Way

Walking or cycling? On horseback or with public transportation? Via Francigena is a wonderful route, a world heritage to be discovered in many ways. You can start by walking a whole day, going back to the starting point by train, continue with a weekend by bicycle, sleeping in an ancient hospital, or make your children happy with a brief stroll with donkeys. And in the meantime planning a long travel, in the footsteps of ancient pilgrims.

What matters is taking the first step, the most difficult one. Buon cammino! 

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Walking on Via Francigena, from Viterbo to Rome

A surprising journey, from the first to the last step: from the attractive medieval town of Viterbo, with an entire district dedicated to the pilgrim, to the ancient Etruscan roads, to the Roman amphitheatre of Sutri, completely dug out from the tufo, to the greenery of the park of Mount Mario, Monte della Gioia, where finally you will be able to glimpse the dome of Saint Peter’s. The green and hilly scenery of Lazio will accompany you from one old village to the next, along the last section of the Via Francigena.


Sleeping in B&B Borgo San Martino

Located in the historic center of Monopoli, the B&B Borgo San Martino, offers accommodations with all comforts Borgo San Martino is the ideal starting point for a holiday